A few years ago Vivian Taormina discovered floating.

She floated and the same day she made this video about floating. Then researching for some other videos she could share so others could understand the experience she came across these guys who floated. At 8:09 there is so much truth! We believe his reaction was authentic! So many different kind of experiences! You won’t know what you will experience until you try it. Give yourself a chance. A chance to let go. Sometimes it’s harder than you think, but you got to try it.
ps…you are never locked in a float tank, you are always in control of your environment at all times. You may EASILY get in and out of the float tank at your leisure.
Nothing is awesome. Doing nothing is something.
Simple really, just #floatattao 🙂 We are the first floatation location in Monmouth County open seven days a week for your convenience
See you soon!

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