About Us

Tao Roots

TAO has been serving the Monmouth County community with unparalleled service since 2005. We earned the award, by public vote, “One of the Best” spa businesses in Monmouth County.

After ten years in business TAO expanded and moved to itsTAO_receptionpeople new permanent home at 611 Bangs Avenue, Asbury Park; the first ever storefront in the history of the business. With this move TaoMassage became know as TAO as this new location offers more diverse services not previously available.

TAO accommodates private enclosed massage therapy rooms in a peaceful, clean environment. TAO offers a variety of massage techniques that are blended to create a customized massage session.

We only work with highly trained, qualified skilled therapists that have been active massage therapists for years. At TAO we have a combined bodywork knowledge of over 75years. Whomever you choose to work with toward reaching your health goals, know that you will be in “good hands” or in “good feet”.

Tao Philosophy


Our philosophy is simple. We work hard to make you feel better, all ’round! We hope that from the moment you enter TAO you feel like you are cared for from the start. Our commitment to quality and your care does not waiver whether you have been a client of ours for ten years or just walking through the door for the first time curious about what we do. We are constantly at work to make each experience at TAO as best it can be. Please let us know how we are doing.


Why Tao


The business name is inspired by the first three letters of the Director’s last name: Taormina. It was a natural progression to use it as the company name as it also embodies the spirit of the TAO: balance and movement.


TAO_receptiondeskTAO only uses the highest grade scented or unscented body oils, creams and body care amenities from natural and organic sources that are preservative free and chemical free. All linens are 100% biodegradable microfiber for optimal comfort. Linens are washed in a non-polluting, biodegradable, cruelty-free washing liquid that is free from artificial fragrances/perfumes, dyes/colors and phosphates—gentle on all skin types.


The TAO specialty is Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy, a deep compressive style massage delivered by the therapist’s feet.

Meet The TAO Team

Dennis – CSI, LMT-NJ
Treatment Philosophy: Every Individual owns their imprint of life’s experiences. It is within this delicate balance they can exist “with” or “without” pain. Demystifying the underlying causes drives my analytical mind while I ensure an enjoyable result and an awakening experience to bring the body’s balance back to a more efficient and comfortable place.

Specialties & types of  clients best suited to my style of therapy: Benefiting from an early education in the Arts, bridged with a past career in the engineering world, I have maintained the focus of my massage philosophy for over 15 years. My therapeutic work has been supplemented with an expanded knowledge of deep Myofascial balancing through Certified Structural Integration as designed by Ida P. Rolf. I specialize in light to very deep tissue work that may involve unwinding and releasing somatic planes of restraint or incorporate active or passive mobility which is most suited for, but not limited to, chronic discomfort or clients in need of injury recovery.  I have a broad range of client experiences that include Tennis Players, Musicians, Equestrians, Truck Drivers, Dancers, Massage Therapists and Yoga Instructors.

Preferred techniques used in treatments: A customized session to suit the client’s needs may be a gentle, soothing and compassionate approach to release tension, decompress and melt into a simple state of relaxation or it may be an intense challenge of unlocking the sources of deep chronic pain which could include interactive discovery through investigation and assessment. A completely hands on experience with a mind-full process towards problem solving would include a variety of deep tissue, myofascial release and body mobilization methods to integrate the entire structure as one.


Dora –  LMT-NJ
Treatment Philosophy: Dora believes in the body’s ability to heal itself. She strives to make each session meaningful for her clients’ specific needs. Her goal is to guide each client’s mind and body to the level of balance, relaxation, and relief they strive to obtain.

Specialties and types of clients best suited for my style of massage therapy: Enjoys seeing the transformation of working with clients experiencing chronic pain and seeing the issue resolve and subside as they continue with massage therapy; clients with medical issues, specifically using oncology massage. Ready for any challenge brought to her hands (or feet)!

Preferred techniques used in treatments: Slow, intuitive, and lets the body speak to her to revealing its needs. Constant flow; breathe; visual; therapeutic massage, medical related, oncology. Light to deep pressure and always adjusting to clients’ needs. 


Julie – LE
Julie is a licensed cosmetologist utilizing her esthetic skills at Tao. A master with her hands in any application she will welcome you with a smile and make feel relaxed and at ease. It is not uncommon for her clients to get lulled to sleep under her touch.


Kayla – LMT-NJ
Treatment philosophy: I believe we all contain the innate capability to heal so I use an intuitive approach to create the ideal environment for your body to unwind. Through careful listening I address physical and energetic issues, gently guiding your body toward its own natural healing abilities and opening up the potential for deep releasing. I strive to make each session on my table meaningful for the client, ushering their body toward peace, balance and relaxation.

Specialties & types of  clients best suited to my style of therapy: Hands on from a relaxing, almost spiritual, Swedish massage to intense deep releasing. A wide range of people will benefit from my massage including those that would like to relax and people with sports related injuries, chronic illness, and general muscle discomfort.

Preferred techniques used in treatments: I love to combine clinically based, deep tissue, and myofascial techniques with Reiki to both restore and relax. Adding stretching, movement, and kneading to provide a restorative, therapeutic treatment that aids in the body’s natural healing process and re-connects the person as a whole.


Kevin – LMT-NJ
Specialties & types of  clients best suited to my style of therapy are clients looking to release and recover from the pains of daily life, whether it’s sports or injury related or just normal day to day wear and tear. I love having a client come in with a problem and seeing their progress through my work.

Preferred techniques used in treatments: deep tissue based massages specializing in release of knots using myofascial and trigger point techniques. But I also enjoy performing a softer massage that leaves the client feeling relaxed and alleviated of the stresses of daily life.

Nicole- LE-NJ
Nicole is a highly intuitive esthetician that can read each clients personal skin care needs. Her goal is to relieve the face of all stresses and daily toxins leaving you with a refreshing glow.

Treatment philosophy: To educate clients on their skin and its individual needs. Her goal is to leave you feeling confident in your own skin and more than ever relaxed.

Specialties & types of  clients best suited to my style of therapy: A wide range of people will benefit from my style of therapy.  From those looking for  relaxation and stress relief, to those seeking results in their overall skin appearance.

Preferred techniques used in treatments: My techniques cater to all different types of skin. I customize facials per client, choosing the right products suitable for each one. Through the procedures of cleansing, massage and treatments, your face will be looking and feeling rejuvenated.


Shannon – LE-NJ
Shannon is a New Jersey native and graduate of the Robert Fiance Beauty School. Shannon followed her dreams in esthetics after leaving the medical field. Educating clients on their skin and what they can do to help perfect it, is her favorite part of work. Her strong points include really listening to each client verbally. She focuses on their needs, while also educating them. She loves to incorporate a great massage into all the facials. Being an esthetician allows her the opportunity to help people in a relaxing environment. Each day is a new day to enrich someone’s experience.


Umberto – LMT-NJ
Treatment Philosophy:
After almost 7 years of bodywork, I can describe what I do simply as a type of connection I make with each person, coupled with a good knowledge of tissue manipulation, to produce effective work.  Each progressive session holds the same standards and continued benefits.

Specialties & types of  clients best suited to my style of therapy:
Hands on from gentle to extreme.  ASHI modality with same approach as hands on.  Anyone, full range of client spectrum.  I am the Swiss army knife of bodyworkers.  Also know as the bodyworker bodyworkers go to.

Preferred styles of massage  therapy used in treatments:
I have been know my intensity (deep) work, but feel I am a well rounded and enjoy any approach a client requests.
Education Licenses & Certifications: LMT, Certified in Ashiatsu


Vivian – Director, LMT-NJ, BCTMB, BA
Treatment Philosophy:
Finding and seeing the holistic picture of each of my clients is at the center of each session. Initiating, versus annihilating, muscle tissue through the use of Ashiatsu has allowed my work to develop over time to deliver a safe, deep, slow, unforgettable experience benefiting my clients for days or weeks at a time.

Specialties & types of  clients best suited to my style of therapy:
Specialist in Certified Advanced DeepFeet/Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy, AshiThai and Certified Massage Cupping. Although Ashiatsu is typically reserved for thick muscled clients it has been a wonderful tool for a wide range of clients as pressure is customizable ranging from light to deep. Since 2004 I have helped thousands of clients with chronic back pain, migraines, range of motion, to name a few benefits.

Preferred styles of massage  therapy used in treatments:
My hands are now only reserved for specialty services: cupping; thai poultice; all clients receive massage “soley” by my feet – Ashiatsu. I am continually blown away by the power of cupping and the delicious effective awesomeness of Ashiatsu

Spa Atmosphere

Whether coming to Tao to unlock deep muscle tension or for overall relief of stress, our massage therapists and therapeutic modalities from floating to infrared sauna will surely assist you to a place of calm, comfort and rejuvenation.

From the moment you step through the doors of Tao, your journey to relaxation begins…greeted by soothing lighting and serene music and the decompressive nature of the TAO by design thanks to our 11 foot ceilings, that alone allows for a deep breath, your therapist will review your problem spots making sure to address them with extra care during your session. “I CAN TELL I’M GOING TO LIKE IT HERE ALREADY”

You may experience something like this at TAO:
Snug under the ultra soft sheets and resting securely on the warm massage table, you are already beginning to relax.
Should you choose to start your massage facing up your therapist will begin your treatment by working on your neck, shoulders and scalp–kneading and stretching away stiffness.  With smooth strokes that glide across your skin from the use of nourishing and luxurious cream, the therapist slides hands down your back and along your spine, releasing the tension around the vertebrae and calming your body with these long stokes…“AHHH, SO SOOTHING!”

One arm at a time, is then taken from below your light blanket, the rest of your body stays warm and still cozy. The therapist hands move firmly along your arm, while you relax further, your wrists loosen and  your hands are carefully and skillfully addressed, while your arm is guided into gentle opening stretches that increase your range of motion“I’M FEELING AMAZING!”

Now on to your legs, hips and FEET!…again taking one leg at a time, the rest of your body is tucked securely below the sheets…. you look forward to these long  sure stokes from your ankle all the way up to the outer hip, now you might be drifting away completely, if not, you will, once your feet are expertly cared for. More tension than you realize has accumulated in your feet and with just the right amount of kneading  and firm pressure you are now deeply relaxed.

But the massage is not over yet! Still more is in store…you carefully turn your body over while the therapist helps you stay snug under the blanket and you are then treated to a warm towel directly on your back. “IT’S LIKE IT DROPPED OUT OF THE SKY, SO GOOD!”
Now you are melting into pure bliss while your spine and lower back get the royal treatment.

Legs and and feet get more attention still.
You cannot believe your good fortune!
Your body feels so grateful for this much needed attention and care.

Once the therapist has finished addressing your whole body, they quietly leave the room.
You rest for a few more moments savoring this exquisite experience and then get dressed, feeling invigorated and refreshed.

Heading out the door with a fresh bottle of water and a special TaoMassage treat, you are now more fully ready to face the rest of your day!

Spa Etiquette

1. Please remove your shoes: We ask that you remove your shoes prior to entering the office to help us maintain an optimal healthy environment free of road dust dirt and debris. We provide indoor slippers for your TAO visit.

2. Quiet please: Please speak softly as you enter and exit the office in the reception area.

3. Fragrance policy: please arrive newly showered, or come early and use our amenities so you may be free from perfumes, colognes and heavy cosmetics. A warm shower also aides in your increased relaxation prior to your appointment.

Our Policies


You will receive an email, and text if you choose, notification from TAO about your upcoming appointment the moment you book your appointment. You must receive a notification whether the appointment is booked online or directly from our front desk to ensure an appointment has been reserved for you.


An appointment confirmation email will be sent to you 48hrs prior to your appointment. At this time you have the opportunity to make changes to your scheduled appointment. Two hours prior to your appointment you will receive a text reminder if you have opted to receive text notifications.


Please arrive at your scheduled time. If you are a new client, an additional 15-20 minutes is added to your session to discuss any health issues with the therapist prior to the beginning of the massage. If you are late for your massage appointment you will be provided as much massage time as available within the scheduled time slot. You will, however, still be charged the full amount for your scheduled session.


A physician referral is generally not required in order to receive massage therapy. After speaking with your therapist and reviewing health history information a determination will be made prior to your session if a doctor’s note is required.

NOTE: Massage therapy is not a substitute for medical examinations and/or diagnosis. It is recommended that you see a physician for any physical ailment you have.


Multiple services or parties requiring three or more services to be held on one date will be required to pay a 50% non refundable deposit toward all services.


All appointment requests require a credit card or payment information (gift card, member number, etc) to reserve your requested appointment date and time.
You will be asked for the following when making an appointment over the phone or online via our website:

  • Client Name
  • Client contact phone number (including mobile carrier)
  • Client email
  • Client address (online)
  • Agree to the TAO cancellation policy (verbally and online)
  • Payment information: credit card number, name on card, expiry date, SEC code, billing zipcode
  • Service type
  • Service length
  • Preference for male/female/therapist
  • Please inform us of any information we may need at time of booking appoint in the “NOTES” section (online) or verbally over the phone so we may make your time at Tao the best possible.

By scheduling an appointment with TAO you have agreed to our cancellation policy. You will receive an email notification 48 hours prior to your appointment with options to reschedule, providing it was not made on the same day.

It is suggested and  customary to cancel an appointment at least 24 hours in advance either by phone or email or directly through the confirmation email received 48hrs prior to your appointment. Failure to request rescheduling with less than 24hours notice or same day cancellations and “no-shows” will result in charging for the session. Payment on file, which may a pre paid series of services or gift card credit etc, would be charged as payment for the session. Any promotional incentive would not apply to a future session.


Payment is due upon receipt of services. Rates are subject to change without notice and may differ from time of reservation to time of checkout when payment is actually due. Cash, checks and major credit cards are acceptable forms of payment. Please make checks payable to TaoMassage LLC. An electronic receipt may be sent to you for your convenience and consideration for the planet.


Sexual misconduct is forbidden. Client understands that any illicit or sexually aggressive remarks, advances or gestures will result in the immediate termination of the session and will be liable for full payment of the scheduled appointment.