**NOTE for all services: New Jersey requires a 7% sales tax to be added to all services. Sales tax will be collected at time of payment. Gratuities are accepted and at your discretion. You may be exempt from paying sales tax with a current prescription from your doctor to receive massage; receiving certain skincare services, hypnotherapy and energy medicine services.

Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy I
60min $93.46 | 90min $126.17 | 120min $154.21
TAO_ashibars The Tao specialty where therapists use their feet to deliver deep sustained compression over the body\’s largest muscles groups while feeling very luxurious! THe therapist uses an overhead bar support system (as shown) to deliver long smooth sweeping gliding strokes allowing for the body\’s natural alignment. Recommended for chronic upper and low back pain, tight and painful hamstrings and calves, fibrosis and scoliosis

Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy II
60min $112.15 | 90min $135.51 | 120min $172.90
Two feet are used on the body at the same time to deliver deep sustained compression over the body\’s largest muscles groups while feeling very luxurious! Recommended for chronic upper and low back pain, tight and painful hamstrings and calves, fibrosis and scoliosis.


90min $135.51 | 120min $172.90

The therapist uses their feet on a clothed client who receives pressure point stimulation and assisted stretching positions to work on muscles, ligaments, nerves, joints and the internal organs affecting the whole body as an organic unit. Wear loose fitting comfortable clothes


AshiThai Fusion
60min $112.15 | 90min $135.51 | 120min $172.90TAO_ashiatsu_beachevent

Blend of Ashiatsu and AshiThai. In addition to massage where the therapist primarily uses her feet to deliver long relaxing gliding strokes, assisted stretching positions also help relieve permanent spasms


Intense Relief Therapy
60min $79.44 | 90min $126.17 | 120min $154.21

An integrative session ranging from light to deep; customized for your relaxation or muscle tuning, Swedish-style massage, therapeutic deep tissue techniques and sports massage


Injury Recovery Massage
60min $79.44 | 90min $126.17 | 120min $154.21

whiplash, TMJD, frozen shoulder, sports injuries benefit from using neuromuscular therapy. Damaged areas receive manual therapy in which quasi-static pressure is applied to soft tissue to stimulate release of trigger points that refer pain elsewhere in the body. At times treatment may be very intense but does not have to be. An injury recovery massage focuses on specific harder to find spots like at muscle insertions and attachments.


Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes
60min $79.44 | 90min $126.17 | 120min $154.21

Concentration on the upper back, neck, shoulders, lower legs and feet


A CUP of Relief
60min $112.15 | 90min $135.51 | 120min $172.90

Through gentle suction created by vacuum technology, massage cupping techniques relieve inflammation, sedate the nervous system, move stagnant lymph and blood, hydrate and nourish tissue, shift tissue PH, and can be used on acute and chronic conditions for all ages! Massage cupping therapy is a pleasant and gentle, non-invasive technique that achieves powerful results. A CUP of Relief is a combination of body cupping in a focused area followed by two footed Ashiatsu. Recommended for chronic upper and low back pain.


Thai Massage stretch and relax
90min $126.17 | 120min $154.21

Clothed clients receive pressure point stimulation and assisted stretching positions to work on muscles, ligaments, nerves, joints and the internal organs affecting the whole body as an organic unit. Wear loose fitting comfortable clothes


Active Gumby
90min $135.51 | 120min $154.21

Active stretching with the assistance of the therapist proven to increase flexibility to or beyond normal range of motion without the risk of tear or pain unlike other stretching methods. Perfect for the serious athlete or anyone who performs rigorous routine exercise Combined with deep focused muscle work Active Gumby will improve circulation, relieve pain and reduce swelling. Active Gumby is designed to enhance performance and facilitate muscle recovery.



Profound Comfort Therapy
60min $79.44 | 90min $126.17 | 120min $154.21
Light to medium depth pressure and techniques are used for a customized session aimed for your utmost comfort and relaxation. This session is based from Swedish-style massage.


The Happy Baby; Happy Mommy
60min $98.13 | 90min $126.17
Helping Mom transition in and out of pregnancy. Experience benefits such as increasing energy, decreased aches and pains, slowing the process of varicose veins, reducing fluid retention, and releasing stress


Happy Feet Reflexology
30min $42.06 | 60min $79.44
This technique involves the physical act of applying pressure to the body, with specific thumb, finger, and hand techniques. Specific points are targeted and worked on in order to send signals to the brain and balance the nervous system.


Happy Feet Cupping + Reflexology
30min $42.06 | 60min $79.44
Detailed work for the feet and lower leg using standard cupping and mini magnetic cups. Great for plantar fasciitis and circulation of the lower limbs


Firm Forearm dance of Hawaiian Lomi
60min $79.44 | 90min $126.17 | 120min $154.21
Using long flowing forearm massage strokes to create a very fluid, rhythmic massage Hawaiian Lomi can be applied with deep or light pressure. The core belief of the massage is that energy in the body can get stuck and create both physical and emotional issues for the client. Because of this, the entire body is treated in each session and different parts of the body may be massaged at the same time. The focus and intent of the therapist is both hands on work and a total centering for the client. This is the one treatment that uses oil, not cream


Feel The Vibrations tuning fork therapy
60min $79.44 | 90min $126.17
Clothed and laying comfortably upon the massage table, Ohm tuning forks therapy allows the resonance to be felt deeply. The points touched with the vibrating forks correspond to acupuncture points and are chosen according to the issues being treated. The sound and vibration felt feels natural and familiar to us, enacting a calming and balancing effect the whole body system.


Warm herbal poultice muscle soother
90min $149.53 | 120min $172.90
Integrating acupressure, traditional massage strokes, and the use of a steam heated muslin parcel of aromatic herbs and spices applied directly to the body. Kneading and rolling of the poultice soothes muscle tension and stiffness on the key areas to relax muscles, alleviate pain, reduce inflammation and allows for deeper, more effective massage. Helps to reduce aches and pains, increase lymphatic drainage and condition the skin. Following, take your poultice home and use it in a bath or as a fragrant potpourri.


Hot Stone Muscle Melt
60min $93.46 | 90min $149.53  | 120min 172.90  |  + available as an add-on  or add-in
Hot stones help to retain heat which then deeply penetrates into the muscles, releasing tension



We have a dedicated FLOAT services page. Please view this page for all information regarding FLOATING.




Facial skincare products used are proudly from NATUROPATHICA. 100% skin-loving ingredients!

Inspired by nature and drawing from traditional healing practices, Naturopathica remedies and rituals are created to rejuvenate, comfort and enhance everyday lives.
This skincare line addresses the primary cause of premature aging of the skin—inflammation and over-stressed skin caused by irritating ingredients and the environment.
Using proven ingredients such as Seed Oils, Probiotics and Botanical Extracts to nourish the skin barrier and enrich NATUROPATHICA formulas use clean cosmeceuticals: Plant Stem Cells, AHAs, Retinols and Peptides that provide real benefits to the skin.

Regenerating and corrective
60min $125 | 90min $$165

Fall in love with your skin with this highly regenerating corrective treatment that combats the signs of aging using our 100% skin-loving formulas. Argan Plant Stem Cell, Matrixyl® synthe’6® and Tri-Retinol, work together with cutting edge technology to plump, reduce fine lines and wrinkles while improving skin tone and firmness.

Rejuvenate with a total upper body treatment including extractions and massage of the head, neck, shoulders, arms and hands.


For revealing and enlightening.
60min $115 | 90min $155

Using a potent Vitamin C treatment helps to firm, brighten and smooth the skin to reduce the appearance of dark circles, age spots, redness, revealing an even skin tone.

Rejuvenate with a total upper body treatment including extractions and massage of the head, neck, shoulders, arms and hands.


To revive and renew.
60min $115 | 90min $155

Through the use of enzymes or a glycolic refining peel this facial offers an advanced refining treatment for dull complexions.

Rejuvenate with a total upper body treatment including extractions and massage of the head, neck, shoulders, arms and hands.


60min $120 | 90min $160
To restore and retain.

This is an ultra hydrating facial that enhances the skin’s own ability to restore and retain MOISTURE.
It’s everyone’s dream to have dewy skin that’s immune to effects of Sahara-like heating, over zealous air conditioning, penetrating sunlight and whipping wind. As we age, our skin’s protective barrier diminishes, making it less able to repair itself and more vulnerable to irritation and sensitivity.

Rejuvenate with a total upper body treatment including extractions and massage of the head, neck, shoulders, arms and hands.


90min $145

You’ve waited long enough to take care of your skin. This extended customized facial includes a luxurious scalp massage, and a light hot stone massage of the shoulders, hands, and feet. Now get out there and GLOW from head to toe.


Bringing SexyBack treatment
60min $120 | 90min $145

You’ll be doing back flips after this deeply cleansing back session that includes massage and extractions in addition to customized products for your skin type to: cleanse :: exfoliate :: tone :: moisturize


NoTox facial lifting and draining
approx 30mins $64.49

Save on series purchases of
3, 6, 12, 18, & 24 up to 40% off!

See immediate results with facial massage cupping which leaves no marks Pleasantly smooth wrinkles and fine lines; drain eye bags; clear broken capillaries, refine pores; lift drooping muscles, a double jaw; help produce natural collagen and elastin. This service may be an add-on to a 60-90min massage, facial or body cupping


SLIMHERdown body contouring
90min $126.17

Clients receive a complete body massage cupping and draining as they rest loosely wrapped in a cocoon of warmth to steep in essential oils specifically designed to aide in the breakdown and removal of toxins and cellulite. Great overall body detoxing.


TOUGH MUDDER body treatment
90min $126.17
All you weekend warriors out there…enjoy some sweet HEAT relief in the infrared sauna, then shower, followed by sports relief mud applied to the whole body to help decrease muscle strain, shower again, then return and recline on the table one more time for a specific body cream blended with essential oils to aid in muscle recovery to be applied.


Buddha Belly Delight
30min | $64.49

Encourage proper digestion and assimilation. Help relieve constipation or diarrhea using specific massage cupping focusing on the abdomen. Great for sluggish Colon & IBS. Pants will fit better after this naturally slimming massage cupping session for the midsection


Lips & Hips
90min $135.51

NoTox facial lifting and draining, the Bellabaci “butt lift” including upper legs and The Buddha Belly Delight all rolled into one treatment getting you ready to shake your hips and pout your lips



HEAT: Far infrared personal lay down sauna shell
35min $35

Cozy in the warm lay down far infrared sauna experience a  deeper penetrating heat without the intense heat as a traditional sauna plus the benefit of far infrared healing rays!! Great for fibromyalgia, arthritis and diabetes, detox, weightloss, chronic fatigue and reducing your toxic burden.

Far infrared light energy penetrates more deeply into tissues, producing heat indirectly by vibration of water molecules around the cells. This will liquefy the bodily fluids including fatty tissue (sebaceous), so that fat-soluble toxins, can be excreted in the form of sweat. VLF is Very Low Frequency alternating magnetic field

  • Pain relief – Effective for arthritis, back pain, muscle spasms, headaches, sprains, etc.
  • Decreased joint stiffness
  • Strengthened Cardiovascular System – Heart rate, cardiac output, and metabolic rate increase, while diastolic blood pressure drops.
  • Improved Skin – Deep cleansing of impurities; help acne, eczema, and psoriasis, burn any skin lesions or cuts; open wounds heal quicker with reduced scarring; firms and improves skin tone and elasticity.
  • Cellulite reduction – Profuse sweating helps clear this form of unwanted debris from the body.
  • Toxin removal – Essential in the removal of heavy metals such as Mercury and Lead; opens cell membrane and stimulates exchange of nutrients and waste removal; enhances the body’s ability to eliminate harmful chemicals and allergens.
  • Reduced Stress/Fatigue – Tranquilizing and relaxing, it improves sleep patterns and quality.
  • Strengthened Immune System – Improves resistance to disease and infections; reinforces the healing power of the body.
  • Stimulated Circulation and Lymphatic Flow – Improves concentration and clear thinking; helps prevent heart attacks and strokes.
  • Accelerated Metabolism – Improves the endocrine system; balances hormones
  • Weight Loss – Infrared heat saunas burn 300 – 600 calories in just one 30-minute session.

Far infrared penetrates through the skin and insulating layer of fat, two to three inches into the body, producing a warming effect from the inside out. Far infrared penetrates more quickly and provides a faster response in the body, and its warming benefits continue after use.

Why heat? Far infrared raises the body surface temperature. Heat helps increase circulation, which may benefit people who suffer from circulatory issues. Infrared heat increases surface blood flow without increasing blood pressure by promoting dilation of the blood vessels.

A further benefit of heat is improved flexibility. Older individuals in particular can lose elasticity of muscle fibers and connective tissue due to lack of regular exercise. Warming up the muscle and connective tissue can help it become more pliable, restoring its elasticity.


SOUL sessions: offerings by Denise Hoagland, MA, CHt
These services incorporate acupressure and tapping therapy that is an ancient healing art used to harmonize and bring balance to the body’s flow of energy.  By delicately placing the fingertips (over clothing) on designated points, the body’s energy pathways are cleared of blockages, facilitating the body’s own natural healing mechanism. This practice of light touch incorporates other healing methods such as aura, chakra and meridian palpation, vibrational healing (through toning) and hypnosis.  A session will create more focus and clarity in your daily activities, career and life empowerment.  This form of therapy can be administered by a healing arts practitioner and then done on oneself as a self-help practice.  It is encouraged to be practiced daily as it will stimulate positive action in your life.

Trinity Therapy
60min $85
Induction to the subconscious mind to access inner knowledge on where your body, mind and spirit are currently at in health and wellness.  Creating an unobjective reality that can open many doors to self exploration.  By accessing and bringing your goals to forefront that will create an empowerment to exceed personal goals and aspirations.


Vitamin P – Progress
60min $85
Hypnotic development of inner strength and wellness.  Creating a stronger body through intentionality.  Tapping into your subconscious mind to manage healthy choices of eating, exercise to even increasing your molecular metabolism by choice.


Athletic & Academic – Relief
60 min $85
Pressures of performance and anxiety of success can become overwhelming and exhausting.  This session will bring your body and mind to a heightened rest that will aide in producing even more athletic and academic success!


Mind, Body Enhancement
60min $90
Metaphysically creating your physical environment.  Inductions of stimulating your physical beauty, amplifying your intelligence, cleaning your bodily system with your own desire and preserving your mental and physical youth.


Analytical Therapy
90 min $110
Discovering or finding the root cause of a habit or pattern.  This is a regression therapy that can unfold reasons for emotions and reactions.  This is a dialog process under hypnosis and often referred to as applied psycho-neurobiology.  Accessing the subconscious mind can reveal and cure the body.


Metamorphosis Den
60min $110.00
An energy healing using intuitive acupressure points and qi gong “shen” energy on the crown of the head, spine, hands and feet to uncoil trauma, dis-ease and life circumstances. Energy testing included.  Truly metamorphic release.


Pattern Breaker
90min $120.00
Learn healing arts therapies that will help you to create self-care program for yourself.  This service of mental field therapy will address forms of anxiety, “the blues”, disappointment, grief, forgiveness and life circumstances.  This session of learning holistic self care to access and evaluate your own needs daily.


Intuitive & Energy Palpation
60min  $125
A soulful intuitive reading using many metaphysical tools to present you with a glimpse of the past, acceptance and understanding of the present and focused on the future.  Each session will include a energy healing.


Soul Therapy
120min $160
2 hours of trance state producing clarity in understanding of patterns/obstacles in this life.  With past life regression therapy, you can move through and heal the root cause of your present situation, release karmic patterns, complete old unfinished business, understand current relationships, lift old restrictions and blocks to healing, and gain a spiritual perspective of your life. A truly gratifying experience.


AROMATHERAPY: Aromatic programs designed by our Clinical Practitioner of Aromatic Plant Medicine can be immediately incorporated into daily life. Programs are designed to meet a variety of physical, mental/emotional and spiritual needs

Examples of how an aromatic program will enhance your life in the follow areas are:

PHYSICAL: body aches and pains – strains, spasms, sprains, bruises, arthritis, CTS, fibromyaglia, hormonal imbalances, athletes foot, immune system functioning – bacterial, fungal and viral infections, infant won’t sleep or eat, sleeping, sinus congestion, Digestive issue: constipation, IBS, nausea/upset stomach, gas/bloating, hemorrhoids
Skin disorders: acne, scars, sunburn/burns, canker sores, warts, psoriasis, herpes, lice, shingles, rosacea, eczema, pruritus, insect bites
Women’s Health: dysmenorrhea, menopause, PMS, amenorrhea

MENTAL/EMOTIONAL: anxiety, depression, needing direction, foggy thinking, needing clarity/direction/focus
irritability, indecision, feelings of connection to others, stress reduction, feeling overwhelmed, insecurity, seeking strength, shyness, jealousy, critical of others

support for finding answers to “Who am I”, “What is my purpose”
connection to the Divine, increase awareness, inspiration, forgiveness, grief recovery


Clinical Aromatherapy: Aromatic Program consultation with customized product creation
60min $120


Occupational Therapy initial evaluation and treatment
90min $150 (sales tax does not apply)
During an Initial Evaluation with our Licensed Occupational Therapist you can expect the following: Measurement of active range of motion and passive range of motion in hand wrist forearm elbow and shoulder and note all limitations. Evaluation of hand function and grasps. Scanning for sensory deficits. Measurement of muscle strength in upper extremities and document baseline for deficits, assess pain level, assess level of daily living activities and identify restrictions, and qualify functional range of motion in both upper extremities. Creation of a treatment plan.