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17 Mar Happy St Patrick’s Day

SALE ENDS TODAY! Buy any TOUCH (2) series get a $20 gift card! Buy any FEEL (5) series get a $50 gift card Buy any THRIVE (10 series) get a $100 gift card! YES, I want lucky green(s) back...

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06 Dec Healing crisis and the inflammatory response

A Personal Perspective Following a massage recently I "came down" with a sore throat. My eyes were clear, my body didn't feel achy, I had no other symptoms that said "you are getting sick" Examining the "healing crisis" is a great way to also understand the body's natural...

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02 Sep Flawless skin + no sales tax!

Even in this hot humid weather I got a "Your skin is flawless" compliment the other day! (Wow! Really!? Thank you!) This came from a new client who visited TAO. She asked me "What do you do?!" In return I looked at her skin and said "this coming...

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